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We have had 8 chicks hatch so far. A variety of bantam large fowl. The breeds that have hatched out so far are, 3 rode island reds, 1 light sussex, 2 gold tops and 2 mixed breeds.  We have also selected our buff pekin cockerel which will be our breeding cockerel for this years buff breeding pen. We have also a first pair of milfleur pekins delivered today,hoping to hatch some eggs of them soon, and gain some more hens to add to the breeding group. Along with these chicks we have had a further 4 silkies hatch out in the next few days. These are 2 cuckoo marans, and 2 black silkies.

All pictures shown below.

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Earlier on today our chicks are beginning to hatch. Only being in the incubator 19 days almost 5 of our eggs are showing cracks and missing shell as some of the chicks are pushing there way out of the shells. Pictures below will show some the first chicken to hatch.

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One of the 12 pens which will be full of different breeds.


Line up of 5 of the pens with some Pekin and Buff in each.







We have recently brought a further 40 eggs and put them in the incubator. We have 6 days left until original eggs begin hatching. These consist of a variety of Pekin and Silkie eggs. We have also finished off re furbishing old pens which are now good enough to house the chickens, all though some improvements can be made, such as re painting and moving the coops. For the time being we have put one cockerel with one hen until we have more stock to breed from and/or sell.

We have continued to make progression on the running duck pen, by separating in in two, which will come in handy for separating breeding ducks and selling ducks. We have also built one of the two coops which will house the runner ducks which is shown below. In the other pen we will be using a larger coop which will be split into two, one side runner ducks and other side chickens. Each coop leading out onto an open field with more than enough space to live happily.

We have also got back one of our old chickens called Kenny, who is very friendly and be park of our Pekin breeding stock, a picture of him is shown below.

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Uk chickens was recently a business set up in 2007-2008 in Shatterford, West Midlands. It then closed down towards the end of 2010.  Under new ownership we have started to re-structure and restart the business on the same property.

We are 4 college students, 2 of the 4 studying countryside management (gamekeeping) and 2 others working on a farm. We are looking at doing the various breeds shown in our Poultry For Sale section, which is provided on the menu bar above. We have made/refurbished various pens to house the correct amount of birds we are hoping to own, sell and breed from. We are still making sure our land is correctly equipped with what is needed to house, and look after our birds, resulting in not having any birds for sale at this point in time.

We recently put 40 eggs in the incubator and have found 30-35 to be fertile and hopefully hatching in the upcoming weeks. We have also successfully found ourselves with 3 brooder pens, along side a small pen for day old chicks to thrive. These chicks will then be put up for sale for the prices shown on our Poultry For Sale page. Along with our broad ideas, we are looking at housing Runner Ducks of different types. We have made 2 pens. One to house our for sale ducks and the other our breeding stock. These pens have been made specifically for these type of ducks. Including a small pond with an reasonable sized pen and also a low level coop for them to get into at night. This will allow them to have more than enough space to live together happily without becoming to crowded.

In each of our poultry breeding pens we are going to have 2 cockerels and 8 hens as we believe the ratio of 1 cockerel to 4 hens is a nice amount as it will still make sure the fertility of our eggs is up to the highest standard but it wont cause any upset to the hens as they wont be constantly getting tormented by the cockerels. in our runner duck breeding pen we are going to have roughly 5 drakes and around 15 females, we have chose this so that we have a good fertility throughout the eggs and also with a smaller amount of drakes means the females wont be constantly getting mounted by the boys which keeps there health in top condition.