One of the 12 pens which will be full of different breeds.


Line up of 5 of the pens with some Pekin and Buff in each.







We have recently brought a further 40 eggs and put them in the incubator. We have 6 days left until original eggs begin hatching. These consist of a variety of Pekin and Silkie eggs. We have also finished off re furbishing old pens which are now good enough to house the chickens, all though some improvements can be made, such as re painting and moving the coops. For the time being we have put one cockerel with one hen until we have more stock to breed from and/or sell.

We have continued to make progression on the running duck pen, by separating in in two, which will come in handy for separating breeding ducks and selling ducks. We have also built one of the two coops which will house the runner ducks which is shown below. In the other pen we will be using a larger coop which will be split into two, one side runner ducks and other side chickens. Each coop leading out onto an open field with more than enough space to live happily.

We have also got back one of our old chickens called Kenny, who is very friendly and be park of our Pekin breeding stock, a picture of him is shown below.

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